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Multi-Bay Polytunnels

Pioneer 4-Series

Uniquely growers can start with a standard Haygrove Pioneer 4-Series Tunnel for rain protection and then retrofit at a later date electric roller doors and sides, steel gutters, gantry systems and automated electric roof vents.

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Greenhouse Series

The ideal Tunnel for tree or cane crops or those growers working in hot climates that need large air volume and rain collection.,

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Telescopic Series

This tunnel has the ability to drop the steel hoops to the ground during cold windy periods or for crop establishment. The hoops, with the polythene in-situ, are then lifted in hotter summer conditions allowing for a large air volume, better clearance and good natural ventilation.

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Trellis Series

A field scale greenhouse at Tunnel prices. Specially designed for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers or any crop that would value trellising.

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Shade Series

For those growers working in hot countries, a low cost way into field scale tunnels can be through the use of shade tunnels for protecting crops from scorch, high temperatures and hail.

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Multi-Bay Polytunnels

Delivering continuity of grade one produce to the end consumer is the mission of every fruit, vegetable and flower grower. It was this mission in mind that we set out in the mid-nineties to try to find a low cost solution to problems that be-devil every grower, the weather!

Our major aim at the time was to get some continuity of supply to meet our marketing programmes. The outcome after several years of testing was to design a low cost tunnel system that we could afford to build over many acres, drive tractors through and manage in many different climates

The outcome was the creation of the Haygrove Tunnel.

Why Choose Haygrove?

A multi-bay structure from Haygrove is big, built from anywhere between 5.5m (18') to 9m (30') wide and between 3m (10') and 5.5m (18') tall the tunnel is designed to take commercial field scale tractors. The impact on the worldwide grower community has been exciting with many thousands of acres of Haygrove High Tunnels built covering small fruit, cherries, plums, flowers, herbs, ornamentals, tomatoes, peppers and some high value vegetable crops.

The tunnels have shown up many benefits; significant yield gains, superior quality, frost and hail protection, wind protection, reduction in scorch and bleaching of produce, guaranteed harvest days, significant reductions in the need of pesticides and most of all a significant improved ability to deliver marketing programmes.